Work and Projects

Iowa Knowledgebowl

This is an independent project that I am the lead Software Engineer for. This involves a distributed Java application that teams download to take a test (a Knowledgebowl/quiz bowl style test) and compete against other schools and teams. Supporting the actual test is a large pool of questions stored in a database and a large scale web application that enables team leaders to log-in, create teams, signup for tests, and much more programmed in ASP.NET 4.0 (C#) and MSSQL. Working since Spring 2007 and having a blast doing so! The website can be reached at

Truman State Portfolio Project

Large scale project that was developed in ASP and MSSQL for the entire university to utilize for senior and class portfolios. The project involved structuring and planning a backend database; creating a user view and a faculty view; an administration console to update special users, create portfolio prompts, and generate data results; along with several additional modules (file uploader, faculty reviewer prompts, etc.). Worked on from Spring 2011 through Summer 2012.

Public Health Water Quality Database

Contract work done for a SE Missouri public health district involving creating a dynamic web application that linked into Google maps and a private database to detail water quality in various locations and neighborhoods in a way that was accessible to the staff of the project. Project was completed in Spring 2012 and utilized PHP and MySQL.